SweetPetite Bespoke Cup Cakes

Chocolate Cream Cheese

Dark chocolate, chocolate chips and cream cheese filling cupcake with cream cheese frosting - a must!


Coffee Walnut

A moist coffee and walnut cake to die for! topped with a rich coffee buttercream icing



Spicy, nutty with sultanas and cream cheese icing make this carrot cupcake one not to turn away!


Strawberry Cheeesecake

Filled with fresh strawberries, with cream cheese frosting, strawberries and crunchy topping


 Ginger Spice

Chunky stem ginger and spice with ginger buttercream make this cupcake irresistible


Red Velvet

A rich, moist red chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting or vanilla buttercream frosting, a striking and decadent cup cake.